Our main sponsor of the events is Ecosse Motorcycles of Aberdeen and Dundee

A huge thank you to our sponsors

Without the support of our generous sponsors these events would not raise the incredible levels of funding we have seen to date.

Running events with high profile, world class motorcycle racers at one of Aberdeen's top venues costs a lot of money. Ticketing, marketing, venue hire, travel and expenses, appearance fees, travel and accommodation all have to be paid for.

Thanks to our generous sponsors and backers however, many of these costs have either been covered or have been reduced through favourable rates offered as an in-kind contribution.

Our main sponsor of the events is Ecosse Motorcycles of Aberdeen and Dundee and I'm especially grateful to Martin Marshall and his team for their continued support.

I'm also very grateful to John Stewart of Flat Out Motorsport Photography who, for the last couple of years, has donated his photography services free of charge. John's work is first class and I'm grateful for the quality images he's donated.

The following list includes the organisations who have generously donated time, prizes, money and services:

- Ecosse Motorcycles of Aberdeen and Dundee

- The Bike Bus, UK wide.

- Flat Out Motorsport Photography, Aberdeen

- Honda Racing, Louth

- The Beach Ballroom, Aberdeen City Council

- Knockhill Motor Racing Circuit, by Dunfermline

- Rig Deluge, Aberdeen

- Mal Maison, Aberdeen

- The Great Western Hotel, Aberdeen

- The Chester Hotel, Aberdeen

- M² Subsea, Aberdeen


A huge thank you to my family and friends

I am also hugely grateful to my family and friend who willingly give up their evenings to help support this event, including setting up the venue during the day, welcoming guests, providing a taxi service, selling raffle tickets, etc etc. There's a lot of work involved in pulling together these events and it would not be possible without the support of the friends and family who make it possible. Listed in no particularl order and if I've missed you, it's just that I have a rubbish memory and not that I am not grateful to you!

A big thanks to: Mhairi, John & Trudy, Fiona, Stephanie Gilmour, Kevin, Annie, Kenny (Spirit Level) & Carol, Ian and Claire, Louise and Steve, Heather JP, Gemma & Dennis, Jacqui and Tony at the Bike Bus and everyone who helps to make it happen.

Finally, I'd like to say a big thanks to all the staff at Aberdeen Beach Ballroom who have looked after us so well at every event. We look forward to many more events in the future.

If you would like to become involved please contact: